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AutomotiveEC was designed to assist suppliers to quickly and easily accommodate the EDI requirements of their customers.

EDI has many proven benefits:
  • Speeds the transfer of business documents
  • No mail delays or busy fax machines
  • Eliminates lost paperwork
  • Reduces administrative phone calls with customers
  • Reduces manual data entry errors
  • Integrated EDI eliminates data re-keying
  • Potential errors are captured faster
  • Allows different computer systems to share data regardless of operating systems
  • Automated confirmation of document receipt
  • Minimizes chargebacks
  • Reduced document processing time
  • More efficient use of personnel
  • Strengthens relationships with valuable customers
  • Provides accurate data for customer service
  • Increases the chance of Preferred Vendor Status
AutomotiveEC extends these benefits:
  • By supporting multiple trading partners, suppliers can log into one system to handle all of their EDI needs
  • Extensive data edits insure that data sent to trading partners meets their requirements
  • Document turnaround and template capabilities reduce the amount of data that needs to be entered
Probably the biggest benefit of subscribing to AutomotiveEC is the message that it sends to customers - that you value their business.

AutomotiveEC is a service of Edict Systems, Inc. which has been in the business of providing B2B Electronic Commerce solutions since 1990.  
To learn more about us, please visit www.edictsystems.com.  
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