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Web EDI is the top-level service on which all of our vertical industry portals are built, including AutomotiveEC.com.

"In all the years I have been doing EDI,
Web EDI is the most user friendly program I have seen. I enjoy using it daily."
Wanda Philpot - Sales Assistant
Algood Food Company

"Web EDI is the best EDI system that I have encountered. We have been doing business with Edict Systems since 1992 when we first purchased the DOS based program. I have been using Web EDI since Sept of 2002 and have not had one single problem. Keep up the good work."
Christine Hall- EDI Coordinator
Nylonge Company

"This is the best and easiest way of sending and receiving POs and Invoices that I have ever found. It is so easy a child could learn it. Also the cost is very economical compared to other companies that do this. Thanks for a great web site and opportunity to do business the easiest way."
Karen Morrow - Office Manager
Shiloh Foods, Inc.

"Web EDI provides the perfect interface to work with the nations largest grocery chains. Without Web EDI, we would have had to invest in technology as opposed to improving operations. By accepting electronic orders, it gives our small business the credibility to service any retailer."
Eric Davalos - Director of Operations
Diana's Bananas, Inc.

"Web EDI has proven they are a leader in the EDI technology field. I have been very impressed by their willingness to assist with current trading partners and their willingness to add new trading partners."
Heather Kelly - Sales Administrative Manager
Bear Creek Country Kitchens, LLC

"This is the best way to do business over the Internet."
Sherrie Garcia - Office Personal
Swiss Sausage Haus, Inc.

"Web EDI is the greatest EDI tool I have ever used. In addition, the staff has always provided our company with fast (and I mean "fast") and efficient service. Rarely have I ever had to wait more than 30 minutes for a Web EDI problem to be solved or question answered."
Martha Martin - VP of Operations
La Bonita Ole, Inc.

"Why use any other edi-system, when Web EDI is the best, easiest to use of the services out there."
Pat Wingard - Sr. CSR
Piknik Products Company

"Web EDI saved our company thousands of dollars in EDI setup and maintenance charges."
Jason Howell – Sr. Mgr-Marketing
Bally Total Fitness

Web EDI provides me with a fast easy way to track purchase orders, invoice quickly, eliminate a large paper mess, at the same time sending my information to customers in minutes rather than days like regular post.”
Scott Streit - Logistics Manager
Executive Sales Company, Inc.


“Best system for a person who is new to the entire EDI concept. Correspondence from Web EDI has been in English - not “computerese.”
Barbara Ford - Sales/Logistics
GoodTimes Wood Products, Inc.

“I would recommend Web EDI to anyone who is placing orders via fax. This is the best and easiest way to keep track of current and past PO's.”
Kathy Hoffman - Distribution Manager
Ener-G Foods Inc

Web EDI is really easy to use. It makes receiving and invoicing purchase orders fast and simple for both the vendors and the buyers. I wish all of my buyers would use it.”
Heidi Nyburg - Customer Service-Chain Accounts
Epic Wines

Web EDI takes the guesswork out of order processing... no more waiting for faxes or partners waiting for confirmations! It allows partners to order with confidence and us to process and confirm quickly.”
Carolyn Bigwood - Administrative Assistant
Putney Pasta Company, Inc.

“I love working with Web EDI. I had a system before where I had to enter everything manually now all I do is point, click and send. Thanks for such a time saver!”
Marissa Lucas - Administrative Assistant
Natural Polymer International Corporation

Web EDI has brought order submission and invoicing out of the Stone Age into the technological age.”
Beth Cutsinger - Accounting Assistant
Promised Land Dairy

“I love the up-grades that Web EDI has initiated because they stream-line the accounting processes on-line. Receiving Purchase Orders and sending Invoices is quicker and more efficient with the new formats and the Trading Partners 'Help' suggestions eliminate questions and guesses.”
Elizabeth Fusco - Accounts Receivable
Granny's Kitchens Ltd.

Web EDI is the ideal choice for EDI implementation for a company that does not have the capital or resources for an in-house EDI solution.”
Eric Fisher - Customer Service Manager
Better Baked Foods, Inc.

Web EDI is the best online EDI solution in the market. We got up and running with Web EDI in no time at all. Between Web EDI and Oracle's Small Business Online, we have a complete ASP solution which fits our needs. We'd pay triple for the same service!”
Josh Dorf - President
JOG Distribution, Inc.

Web EDI is the wave of the future - simple, easily accessible and service oriented.”
Dinah Frazier - President
Data Link Services Inc


Web EDI has improved our communications with our customers by providing a means to receive purchase orders faster and to be certain that our invoices are received by our customers the same day they are created. Web EDI has enabled us to be more competitive in a business environment that is immersed in technology. Web EDI as given us an affordable way to meet the EDI requirements that today's larger corporations are demanding.”
Clara Church - Operations Manager
Washington Trade International Inc.

“This is a great solution for those who do not have EDI capability in-house. I love being able to process purchase orders and invoices electronically. Rarely are there problems and when there have been, they were resolved quickly.”
Beverly Quinlan - Accounting Administrator
Freshco, Ltd.

Web EDI has made receiving orders and billing customer as easy as turning on your computer.”
Sandy Blanchard - Sales Manager
Home of the Hebert Candies

“I think the new Web EDI web site is more appealing to the eye, the speed of processing both the inbox and out box has improved greatly, I can't wait to see more updates.”
Terri Call - Accounts Receivable/Office Assistant
Hemplers BB Meat & Sausage Company Inc.

“Very user friendly. A good value for your EDI money.”
Leslie Tritsch - Office Manager
Southern Quality Meats, Inc.

“I like this format a lot better. It is very simple and user friendly. It makes things easier when cross-training is involved.”
Gina Lewis - CSR/NuCal Foods
Rocky Mountain Foods, Inc.

“Having never used this type of service before, I was apprehensive about moving into electronic ordering and invoicing. What I've experienced is a system that has been very easy to use. The tech support folks have always been courteous, helpful, and responsive whenever I've needed to call them.”
Teresa Lisac - National Sales Manager
P.J. Lisac & Associates, Inc.

Web EDI is the easiest website to follow; even if you are entering it for the first time. Their customer service staff is very helpful and can get you out of a jam.”
Phyllis Thomas - A/R Clerk
Louisa Food Products, Inc.

“The ease of using Web EDI couldn't be rated any higher! The lack of hands-on administration allows me to be more productive without having to worry about my Web EDI customers.”
Ron Gordon - Computer Operations Administrator
Staedtler Inc.

“The program runs smoothly. It gets rid of a lot of the paper-trail; everything you need is in front of you.”
Sandra Garcia - Office Administrator
Signature Bakery


“Working with Web EDI has improved our overall AR list 100%.”
Geri Yokiel - Inside Sales Mgr.
Hearty and Natural

“The customer service at Web EDI is outstanding. I had never used EDI and was getting requests from our customers EDI departments for all kinds of forms and numbers which I had never heard of before. The person whom I worked with at Web EDI during my setup was always willing to answer ALL of my questions as well as go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get things running smoothly for me. Thank you Web EDI!”
Kimberly Westcott - Marketing Mgr.
CPMC ( DBA ) Voluptas International, LL

Web EDI is the simplest and easiest to system I have found.”
Douglas Jones - Manager IT
Morrison, LLC

Web EDI is the most user friendly program I have used for EDI. Everything, and especially the technical support people at Web EDI, is easy to work with.”
Debra Mahoney - Customer Service Coordinator
National Fish & Seafood

“As a small business competing in the In-store Bakery industry, Web EDI has given us a tool that is invaluable. We are able to have EDI capabilities at a very reasonable price.”
Lori Schoenberger - Vice President
Old Heidelberg Enterprises, Inc.

“The technical support has been outstanding whether by phone or e-mail. My questions have been answered promptly and in terms I can understand.”
Ann Leming - Customer Service Rep.
Old World Spices & Seasonings

“What I like is the fact that an automatic acknowledgement is sent when you process the in-box”
Connie Link - Accounts Receivable
R.C. Owen Company

“I found that working with Web EDI with my account has been a very pleasant experience. This turned out to be a very good time saver.”
John W. Butler- Business Manager
Sara Lee Corporation

“The Web EDI site is easy to use and the customer service team quickly answered questions and added a missing form to meet one of our customer's new requirements.”
Peter Hughes - General Manager
King Seafoods

“I like Web EDI; it is a quick and efficient way to trade Purchase Orders and Invoices with our customers. Receiving an E-mail to notify you that there is an incoming Purchase Order is a good way to do things. It avoids making phone calls and bothering a person for an order constantly.”
Dawn Wahl - Accounts Receivable
Royal Foods, Inc


“It has been my experience that all the features I have used on Web EDI are simple and very user friendly. When I have had a concern, the staff at Web EDI has been pleasant and extremely helpful.”
David P Phaneuf - Vice-President of Operations
Northland Paper Group Inc.

Web EDI is a very fast and efficient way to process your purchase orders.”
Rachel Akin - Customer Service Supervisor
Grosvenor Marketing Limited

Web EDI has remedied all of my EDI problems.”
Mike Andrews - Shipping and Inventory
Sea Safari/Ecrevisse Acadienne

“EDI is easy to use, gives us all the information we need for a purchase order and is more efficient in sending invoices to provide us with a better cash flow.”
Pam Golde - Secretary
Dakota Brands International Inc.

Web EDI has the customer in mind, one of the most user friendly web programs in place today.”
Les Erving - Vice President
UTZ Quality Foods

Web EDI has become an invaluable resource for us as well as our customers. It enables our company to receive and expedite customer orders in less time than we've ever been able to before. The process is almost completely automated and has cut our order processing costs in half. Since we've started using Web EDI, we have eliminated the need for follow-up phone calls and faxes, and we have achieved 100% on-time order fulfillment. Our work would be a lot easier if all of our customers were using this service.”
Toby Hamer - Division Manager
American Store Fixtures

Web EDI is efficient and cost effective. I wish all our transactions were through Web EDI.”
Louis R. Del Cid - HR/Acctg. Manager
San Joaquin Figs Inc.

Web EDI/Edict Systems offers great support to companies that don't have individuals that have been specifically trained for EDI. With their tech support, we are able to process EDI without adding additional people. For this reason alone, I find it to be a very cost efficient solution to what could have required an additional salaried individual.”
Dianne Massanelli - Customer Service
Meyer's Bakeries, Inc.

“I like the convenience of having all of our trading partners on one site. I can go to one site for all my filling and P.O. needs.”
Marilyn Lanning - Customer Service Specialist
Missouri Meerschaum Co., Inc.

Web EDI is very easy to work with and the support personnel is very helpful and friendly when needed. I like receiving orders and invoicing orders on this system. We currently have only one customer that utilizes Web EDI, wish more of our customers did!”
Sue Marchbanks - Food Company Admin. Assistant/Accts Payable Clerk
Tony Packo's Inc


“Here at Universal Group we love Web EDI because we can address almost all of our EDI needs in one place without the hassles of an "in house" solution. We know that if any issues occur, we can call your tech support staff and it will get solved in a timely manner. They are friendly and efficient and a joy to work with. Keep up the good work!”
Jill Ganger - MIS
Universal Group

Web EDI has been an excellent tool.”
Alane Lee - Accounting Clerk
SBC Trading, Inc.

“Makes doing business easier.”
Daniel Urdaneta - General Assistant
Alhi Sales Inc.

“Graphical interfaces and easy of use, allows EDI transmissions to be more user friendly."
Keith K. Lee - President
Chin's Import Export Co., Inc.

“Easy to use.”
Roseanne Maish - Chief Operating Officer
Truemark Supply, Inc.

Web EDI is an asset to our company. The efficiency of electronic communication (eliminating illegible faxes, faxes/orders/invoices "never received" or lost in the mail, etc.) and the elimination of "paper" saves us time. And time is money.”
Cheryl Carr - Clerk
Allen Brothers Milling Co., Inc.

Web EDI is easy to use, quick and intuitive enough a new user can start on the system with little assistance or training.”
Peter Petrocelli - Controller
Calise & Sones Bakery, Inc.

Web EDI is very user friendly and if you need to call for help, the technicians all know their product very well.”
Josephine Rospar - Office Manager
Mount Rose Ravioli & Macaroni Co., Inc.

Web EDI is easy to use.”
Karen Taylor - Customer Service Rep.
Joyce Foods, Inc.

“I have been with Web EDI a few years now and I have found them to be beneficial for our company. Plus, this new format is so easy to use and to understand. Some E-commerce companies that we deal with are not.”
Jean Link
Roma Grocery


“Very simple process of receiving orders and billing customers. Also increases cash flow because customers pay a lot quicker than the old paper way.”
William B. Sliwa - CFO
Bernard Food Industries, Inc.

“My experience with EDI has been truly exceptional! The format is very easy to work with. All P.O.s transfer to a centralized port and confirmation is done right there! EDI is definitely the way to go. I am eagerly awaiting more customers to jump on board!”
Laura Wieth - National Sales Desk
Gai's Northwest Bakeries

Web EDI is a professional and efficient means of processing incoming purchase orders and outgoing invoices. I particularly enjoy using the re-designed Grocery EC. Bravo!”
Melissa Smith - Office Manager

Web EDI's web-site makes it easy to send EDI price changes and promotional information to my customers. It also aids in storing the contract information for future use.”
James Richardson - Sales Account Mgr.
Valleydale Foods, Inc.

Web EDI will allow our business to streamline our PO and invoice processing, while also providing the retailer timely information on the status or their order.”
Andrew Turpin - Grocery Broker and Distributor Mgr.
Seattle's Best Coffee

Web EDI is an "easy" and "convenient" way to receive and process customer orders!”
George Paz - Controller
Bolner's Fiesta Products, Inc.

“Thank you Web EDI for being an excellent EDI service provider.”
Nathan Bilbrey - Customer Service / Network Admin
Cardinal Beverages

“I like using Web EDI because mostly for its customer friendly use. I find it so easy to retrieve and change information. The customer service people are very friendly and helpful. All of the venders we deal with can be set up with Web EDI and that makes my life so much easier. I never seem to have any trouble with anything that challenges me because it seems to have an answer and someone accessible.”
Deborah A. Demmer - Bookkeeper
Uncle Dan's, Inc.

“Great user-friendly tech support.”
Pam Graef - Customer Service Manager
Pacific Foods of Oregon

“I can get orders in without having to be next to the phone all the time.”
Darrell Graham - President


Web EDI is fast and easy to use. And the technical support team was really helpful when I called in with a question. I enjoy the fact that I can send a ship-notice to the customer and let them know when they can expect their shipment. The updates that are done by Web EDI make carrying out tasks even easier to do.”
Amy Oldson - Secretary/Shipping Clerk
Impact Absorbent Technologies, Inc.

“A great, efficient way to send information from vendor to customer.”
Glenn Waldron - Customer Category Mgr.
Kraft Foods

“When EDI first became an option, I made it harder than it needed to be so we didn't use EDI. Now that I bill EDI it is really quite simple and fast.”
Chris Cooper - Accounts Receivable
Freshway Foods

Web EDI puts the vendor in position to service a customer promptly and conveniently without hassling phone calls and time consuming voicemails. This utility truly represents the ideal of electronic business.”
Tom LaMonica - R/M Aaro Retail systems
AARO Labels

“Takes the pain out of invoicing and creating promotional programs for small businesses.”
Harith Razaa - CEO
Azure Waves Seafood, LLC

“I enjoy Web EDI because it is easy to use and makes things much easier and faster for receiving and sending invoices.”
Terry Montez - Sales Service Manager
Boboli International Inc.

“We value Web EDI's easy to use interface. Our warehouse personnel take care of the EDI operations, with no need for additional IT staff.”
Luis Botero - IT Analyst
Iberia Foods Corp

“The New Web EDI system is incredibly easy to use and very efficient. It’s great to cut down on all the paperwork.”
Rob Feakes - Assistant Controller
Drew's All Natural

“We use Web EDI everyday to help make our vendor transactions smooth and efficient. Now, with the new Web EDI update - it’s even quicker and easier then before!”
Gregg Fox - American Sales Coordinator
Krinos Foods, Inc.

“I especially like the "Recent Announcements" section of the Web EDI web page. I feel that I am being kept well informed about new features and pertinent updates. The company also seems responsive to user request for improvements.”
Christy Martin - Accounts Receivable Clerk
Hodgson Mill, Inc.


Web EDI is the efficient way to enter promotions to customers. It provides an electronic trail of authorized deals and allowances offered.”
Jerry Greene - Senior Business Manager
Sara Lee Retail Foods

Web EDI is an excellent way for vendors and customers to communicate with each other.”
Rita Tomky - Customer Service Manager
Crown Packaging

“In general, I love Web EDI. It has made my invoicing and billing soooo much easier. Now if there is a problem I can always go back to the document, make any changes and resend. There is always proof to back up any discrepancies. Thank you!”
Sandra Murphy - Office Manager/Accounting Department
TNT Vending Inc.

Web EDI is great because it is easy to use and it saves time!”
Sybil Scott Seward - Secretary-Treasurer
Scott's Sauce Company, Inc.

Web EDI is a great application. The company has displayed prompt service and has great customer representatives.”
Kelly L Minor - VP
Little River Seafood, Inc.

“I like Web EDI because of the ease of use. EDI use to be such a time consuming process and Web EDI eliminates the time and makes everything more efficient.”
Christi Bryson - Office Manager
Progressive Partners, Inc.

Web EDI is a cost effective, easy to use web based EDI solution. We use Apple OSX and have had absolutely no problems with Web EDI. It's reliable, consistent and error free. The new look and program enhancements make it the best EDI solution for the money.”
Jeffrey Krause - President
RT Foods, Inc.

“It's quick, easy, and affordable for small or large companies.”
Michael Stone - Assistant operations Manager/IT Manager
J.W. Sieg & Co., Inc.

“I'm very happy that we chose Web EDI and Edict Systems to do our EDI. Thank you everyone.”
Josephine Long - Bookkeeper
F.B. Washburn Candy Corp.

Web EDI has offered so much for our small business. We are not funded to have a large EDI system and Web EDI has been more than accommodating for most of our business!”
Colleen Cancellieri - Customer Service/EDI
Dental Concepts LLC


“The clarity of the site makes it possible for close to anyone to understand.”
Erin Rebbel - Customer Service/Sales
Blind Industries & Svs of Maryland

Web EDI has made my job much easier!”
Rob Fiddelke - IS Administrator
A. Camacho, Inc.

Web EDI makes my billing accurate and fast. I wish all my customers were signed up with Web EDI!”
Angela Mills - CSR
Gardner Pie Company

Web EDI is so user-friendly, but if you did have a problem or question, their customer service is excellent. I wish all my vendors used Web EDI!”
Kitiya Pitre - Accounts Receivable Manager
Corky’s Food Manufacturing LLC

Web EDI has made my life so simple! It is so user friendly! Just one click and I have all of the information right in front of me! I wish all of our customers ordered through Web EDI!”
Joan Jacquet - Shipping Coordinator
Mann's LLC

Web EDI is the simplest way to receive orders! Today our phone and fax lines are down and the only orders I have received are from Web EDI.”
Elaine Kesey - Order Desk/ Logistics Manager
Springfield Creamery, Inc.

“I love Web EDI for its user-friendly web page, and straight-forward format. In addition, their technical support staff will walk you through every step should you require their assistance. Web EDI is a for sure an A+ EDI provider.”
Ivan C. Shih - Marketing Manager
Rizopia Food Products Inc.

Web EDI is truly remarkable! I personally only have been using EDI invoicing for less than 3 years and Web EDI is by far the most user friendly. They have the absolute best support staff out there.”
Gale Vogt - Human Resources/IT Coordinator
Mr. Dell Foods, Inc.

“We receive payment on our invoices quickly and more efficiently since we are using Web EDI.”
Warren Backere - Owner
Warbac Sales Company LLC

“The support from the "tech chat" was great! Fast and very helpful. The rep walked me right through the steps that I needed to take and made it so easy.”
Christine - Book-keeper
S&D Distributors


“I really enjoy receiving purchase orders via Grocery EC! It takes all the guess work out of the process and acknowledges when you actually process the orders - unlike a fax - you know when your party has processed your documents.”
Vickie Smith - Sales Admin.
S & T Brokerage

“A very user friendly program with wonderful features and live tech support.”
Pat Haggstrom - Customer Service Rep
Canadian Firelog Co.

“We look forward to using Web EDI every day because it is fast and efficient. Having a tool that is simple to use, with back-up support and archived information gives us confidence and makes our jobs easier!”
Carrie Kojak - Administrative Assistant
El Toro Food Products Inc.

Web EDI makes processing purchase orders a quick, simple and easy task. It only takes minutes to receive information for fast turn around.”
Monika Radecki - Sales Planning Coordinator
Taisho Pharmaceutical

“For a small business like ours Web EDI makes acting and interacting with the multi-million dollar companies easy.”
Steven Anderson - President
Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc.

Web EDI was the best decision I made for EDI for our company. Very easy to use and work with.”
Kristine Dooley - Office Manager
Louisiana Fish Fry Products

Web EDI has made the site user friendly and easy to walk through without a lot of assistance.”
Shelly Testa - Customer Service Specialist
New England Wild Bird Food Co.

Web EDI’s web site is very user friendly and has a great support staff!”
Andy Schoen - Corporate Account Manager
Lance Inc.

Web EDI is a really easy, friendly site! We have worked with other EDI produce sites which were confusing and tedious - but Web EDI is easy, quick and clear. They have a great customer support team, (unlike the other sites which only have 1 grumpy person to help.) Thanks!”
Marci Labreche - Network Admin.
Tavilla Sales Company of Los Angeles

“We're just a small company doing business with very large retail organizations. Web EDI has provided us with a user friendly system that allows us to do EDI with a minimal time commitment.”
H. Lee Showalter - General Manager
Country Acres


Web EDI has made the turnaround time for A/R twice as fast. No more waiting for the customer to receive the bill in the mail, and then manually process it. Web EDI expedites all that, and you don’t have to worry about your invoice getting lost in the mail.”
Kelly Wolf - Office Manager
Cantare Foods

"Paperless and saves postage. Easy to complete, prompt payment of invoice and technical support is very helpful in answering questions. Wish all our vendors would use this system, less paperwork.”
Carol Dixon - Accounts Receivable
Unistar Plastics

Web EDI is so easy to use even my 3 year old cousin can use it.”
Michelle Bleick - Order Entry
Graf Creamery Inc.

Web EDI makes everything paperless and is the ideal PO and Invoice system for my small business.”
Kevin Warner - President
Loon Foods, Inc.

“I've been very happy with Web EDI. The service they provided really smoothed out my relationship with my customers. They have been especially responsive at my many questions. For a small outfit like mine, I am very appreciative.”
Lawrence Ames - President
Maggie Gins

“Using Web EDI.com has simplified and improved our business relationship with our valued customers.”
Sandy Seekings - Sales Administrator
SBC Firemaster Ltd.

“The new Web EDI page makes it simple to access key information needed to service my customers. We no longer have to worry about missed faxes or statements getting 'lost' in the mail.”
Ty Whitley - Product Manager
Halco Industries

“I appreciate how efficient the program is to access orders and invoice orders.”
Linda Santo - Office Manager
Arck Food Inc.

“The Edict system makes my job a lot easier. No stamping and mailing to worry about.”
Barbara Adams - Office Manager
Aladdin Bakers Inc

“I manage the EDI transactions for my accounts here at QN and I use whatever is the customers' preferred EDI vendor, and compared to the other EDI vendors I have found Web EDI easy to use and self explanatory. I am glad to see the emails come in with documents waiting at Web EDI and am confident that there will not be a problem with Web EDI.”
Robin Franke - Marketing Coordinator
Quantum Nutritionals


“I really like the news updates informing us about what Web EDI has planned, or is currently doing.”
Reynol Trevino - G.M.
Laredo Tortilleria & Mexican Foods

“I like that this new program. It fits purchase orders and invoices on 1 page when you print.”
Melissa Messerli - Office Manager
Packers Food Products, Inc.

“I think it is the fastest friendliest web site to use.”
Lora Stephenson - Secretary
G & J Sales

“The updates are great for the novice users (like myself).”
Stephanie Fahrner - Vice President, Operations
King's Food Products

“Your update has made receiving orders easier for me, thank you.”
Connie DeVriendt - Customer Service
RL Adams Plastics, Inc.

Web EDI is simple to use, and has built in checks so that no orders are lost in the system.”
Jama Pickens - Secretary
Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc.

Web EDI is an easy, fast way to verify information and send invoices. It is much easier and quicker than postal mail.”
Laura Wise - Receptionist/AR clerk
Berner Foods, Inc.

“Order the easy way with Web EDI.”
Marlene Shupe - Customer Representative
Blue Diamond Growers

“The ease of order retrieval and generating invoices within Web EDI is a time saver for me. I wish all our orders came through Web EDI. Thanks!”
Cindy Strickland - Administrative Manager
Bost Distributing Co., Inc.

Web EDI has helped streamline our office and help create paper free accounts, which has helped make our lives a lot easier!”
Lise Johansen - Sales & Administration
Royal Greenland U.S. Inc.


“I think Web EDI is very easy to use especially for someone who has had no prior grocery experience (like myself). The new updated format just adds to the ease. When I have had a problem the tech support team and the customer service team both have been very helpful and quick to find solutions.”
Sharon Gingerich - Administrative Assistant
Essenhaus Foods

Web EDI is a great concept. Obtaining purchase orders and invoicing on line is the way of the future. More customers should sign up for Web EDI.”
Cary Dorbian - Administrative Assistant
Howard Packaging Corp.

Web EDI has allowed a small, yet growing company like Dakota Flax to flourish with technology like many larger companies. It was reasonably priced, affordable, and didn't require us to have an IT person on staff. Thank you very much Edict Systems!”
Gregg Magnuson - President/Owner
MAGCO Dakota Flax

“Navigating the new Web EDI update is wonderful. It speeds up the time it takes to enter promotions. The colors are easy on your eyes also!”
Julie Arnold - Marketing Asst.
Coca Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma

“I love the ease of use with Web EDI. The fact that I don't need a fulltime EDI technical person helps the bottom line!”
Bill Wise - President
Wise Consumer Products Co

Web EDI has allowed us to adapt to changes in others' EDI systems without us having to worry about how it affects us.”
Sean Byro
Cafe Valley, Inc.

Web EDI is an easy to use system, offering the confidence to know that if you run into a problem the Tech Chat option is there to help.”
Jennifer Robinson - Customer Service/Billing
Green Garden Food Products, Inc.

“Cost effective, bullet proof answer to EDI. I dismantled our internal EDI system and transferred it to Web EDI.com and I have not had a regret since.”
Lance Jackson - VP/CFO
Cleugh's Rhubarb Company

Web EDI gives us quality purchase orders printed in a standard format that we can always read.”
David Will - General Manager
Chino Valley Ranchers

Web EDI has been tremendously efficient to use. The easy navigation, attractive display, and customer service is something you can rely on, an imperative asset for anyone in the business.”
Lindsay Amante - Customer Service Manager
Mechanical Servants, Inc.


Web EDI is a great way to conduct business in the retail world. I really like the usefulness that it has contributed to cyberspace.”
Sharon Lightfoot - Office Assistant
PM Specialty Foods

“This website is so easy to use, when a new person has to use it, there's hardly any training needed.”
Erika Ortiz - Administrative Assistant
F. Gavina & Sons, Inc.

“The recent update to Web EDI makes the site even faster and easier to operate -- which sure makes my job easier! Thanks Web EDI for a job well done!”
Andrea Houghton - Office Administrator
Highland Sugarworks, Inc.

Web EDI is great for the novice EDI business. Their technical support takes care of all the work and you just follow the prompts. The easiest EDI software I have found.”
Tari Evans - EDI
Wildwood Industries

Web EDI has the easiest online billing that I have seen so far.”
Julee Robey-Boschetto - Office Manager
Boston Bagel Inc.

“Edict systems and the Web EDI web site have been invaluable in allowing our company to grow in the retail market place without the capital expense that a small company like ours would rather avoid. By not having to spend $8K or more on software and hardware we were able to buy tooling for our factory and increase our business. Thank you for your support.”
Robert Becka - President
Morning Hour Products Inc.

“What a great way to get orders... Fast Efficient and Legible... No miscommunication with faxes or verbal orders...”
Hope Kadesh - Controller
Seafood Enterprises, Inc.

“This format is easier to read and requires less time to get to what I am looking for.”
Brian Maxine - Vice President
Triple K Mfg. Co. Inc.

Web EDI.com allows me the confidence to know that my customer’s contract pricing is as accurate and entered into the customer's system.”
Daniel Nathan - KAM
ConAgra Foods

Web EDI is so easy and they are able to offer many trading partners to do business with.”
Amy Windsor - Accounts Receivable Manager
Park 100 Foods Inc.


“I like the new update, it's easy, fun, and brightens my day every time I visit the site.”
Summer Reese - Secretary
Nantze Springs, Inc.

“No more paper mess we have all your administrating needs right here.”
Dojnnelle Hewitt - Sales Service
Dusobox Corporation

“I enjoy using Web EDI. It is a very efficient way of handling pricing and ensuring that your paperwork is processed in a timely manner without having to worry about things being lost in the mail.”
Cindy Kerr - Chain Accounts Coordinator
National Distributing Company

Web EDI provides a pleasant and easy medium for working with EDI orders. Everything is clear and organized. I really like the fact that client input is recognized and utilized.”
Amanda Kelley - Assistant Buyer/Customer Service
Alpine Food Distributing, Inc

Web EDI is an easier EDI trading group than others I tested. It is simple, to the point, without any cumbersome hardware. This is a tremendous help in our dealings with the Kroger Group.”
Deedra Flocchini - Systems Manager
Sierra Meat Company

“With the Web EDI update I find that it is easier and faster to receive my PO'S and do my invoicing.”
Kathy Bowers - Customer Service Manager
Williams Sausage Company Inc.

Web EDI - enhanced customer service has provided ease in pulling orders by verifying with online acknowledgements and emails the efficiency in monitoring completeness to our daily process. The order information is formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand.”
Cindy Reynolds - Customer Service Team Leader
Nonni's Food Co.

“Every customer gets treated like a king.”
George Abraham - V.P.
Gold Dollar Products, Inc.

“The new look of Web EDI is not only really eye-pleasing, but also very efficient. Good work!”
Laura Irving - Customer Service Rep.
Northern Gold Foods Ltd.

“I like Web EDI.com because it is easy to use, it is user-friendly and it is easily accessible.”
Tamie Rutherford - Customer Service Manager
Arden International Kitchens. LLC


Web EDI has made it possible for our small (but growing) company to accommodate our customers' EDI requirements in a most efficient and cost effective manner.”
Rosa M. Jacquez - Sales Administrator
Alexia Foods

“EDI is a one stop shop. At this point all our customers prefer EDI. This makes life much easier for me and the company. They update consistently and timely without confusion.”
Ralph Ferdinand - Purchasing & Logistics
Dessert Innovations

“I have been saved by Web EDI and still have all my hair on my head, and my teeth in my mouth and Web EDI is making my job easier to do. PS. your staff are the greatest and so is your program.”
Gail Tripp - Orders/Sales
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Web EDI has been a valuable asset to our company's business development with Publix Supermarkets because of the order accuracy and prompt notices.”
James Schweer - Owner
Southern Sales

“As a growing company, Wisdom Oral Care is able to utilize Web EDI to aggregate all of our EDI Purchase Orders in one location, for an extremely affordable price. The system allows us to be EDI compliant without having to commit a major outlay of capital.”
Joel Warady - President
Wisdom Retail Sales

Web EDI is very user friendly. I like that you can see all needed information at a glance!”
Mary Derby - Head of Accounts Receivable
Charlie's Specialties, Inc.

Web EDI makes EDI easier with great tech support.”
Rick Fisher - VP
Diamond Cosmetics

“This is so easy to navigate through and use.”
Sharon Whitman - Accounting Associate
Scot Laboratories

Web EDI invoicing brings payments to my pocket much quicker.”
Interstate Meat Inc. & Nor-Mel - Vice President

Web EDI is a great and professional way to interchange valuable information with customers.”
Jesus Elejabarrieta - Vice President
Elore Enterprises Inc.


Web EDI has saved our company a lot of time and money on keeping up on the EDI arena. Web EDI is a user friendly application that is great for small businesses that do not have a computer literate person on staff.”
Mary Kilcoyne - Office Manager
Shenandoah Sales

“We have found Web EDI to be a huge improvement from our previous EDI service with Sterling Commerce in managing our customer purchase orders.”
Doug Nash - President
Classic Food Sales, Inc.

Web EDI has allowed a small company such as Voortman to be able to easily and effectively transmit electronic documents to Kroger without additional computer or software investment. Yet we have reliable and updated information at a very reasonable cost.”
Todd Weiner - District Manager
Voortman Cookies Limited

Web EDI Update has allowed our company to complete our invoicing in record time and insure all is correct. This leaves us more time to manage the money-generating part of our business.”
Scott Powell - General Manager
Premier International

“As a Customer Service Rep for Paramount Chemicals, as well as the person that handles all ordering/invoicing, I find your technical service reps the "best". They are very patient and helpful, taking time to explain everything in easy to understand steps. At first I was hesitant to make the transition from paper to EDI, and now I love it because you have made it very user friendly.”
Jane Sanford - Office Manager
Paramount Chemical Specialties, Inc.

“This is a great system that allows us to get our payments much quicker than the traditional mailing of the invoices.”
Amy Newrones - Customer Service Supervisor
Kettle Foods

“I like the new enhanced Web EDI customer service because the main menu is more informative and user friendly. It is easier to read and understand. It has more features, easier accessibility and a broader support system.”
Melissa Moriarty - Systems Coordinator
Acosta Sales and Marketing Company

“Brulin uses several methods to electronically receive orders but Web EDI is the most user friendly of all of them.”
Robin Grubbs - Customer Service Rep
The Brulin Corporation

Web EDI makes my job much easier.”
Amy Adams - Accounts Receivable
Pelican Ice & Cold Storage, Inc.

Web EDI is a great tool with knowledgeable staff that are willing to assist you with problems.”
Nycki Ryder - Customer Service Manager
Pearson Foods Corporation


Web EDI is the most user friendly EDI interface out there.”
Mark Thompson - Senior Account Executive
Triple Diamond, Inc.

Web EDI is very easy to learn and get around in, even for someone with little computer experience.”
Michele Cox - Mng.
Freddy's Lefse, Inc.

Web EDI makes it so easy for me to retrieve all of the order documents at one time easily without having to login into lots of different links. Thank you for updating your site. It makes things much faster and with more accuracy.”
Angela Johns - Admin. Assistant
Willow Wind Organic Farms, Inc.

“I can be a "tough customer" and ask a lot of questions when things change. The customer service staff from Web EDI were courteous and knowledgeable in assisting me, even if I didn't exactly know how to explain my questions. I am now a happier, better, faster user of this service because of the assistance I received.”
Jan Ediger - Office Manager
North American Provisioner Inc.


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